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Octava HD48STPMX HDMI Matrix verteilung uber CAT 6 Kabel
1,744.26EUR 1,208.79EUR

HDMI Matrix over Single CAT 6 cable- Video.Audio.Control.Power


HDBase-T HDMI matrix solution, number of outputs can be extended.
Select number of outputs below at the options.
1 Piece means 1 output board built in and 1 receiver and IR sensor..


The HD4xSTPMX CardFrame HDMI Matrix distributes any 4 HDMI Sources to up to 8 Zones. Connect each Zone Receiver via a single CAT6 cable. The Matrix can be configured with 1 to 8 outputs for enhanced system flexibility . The plug-in output cards enable your System Installer to add zones as required with minimum initial investment. Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides power to your Zone Receivers for clean and convenient installations.

The HD4xSTPMX CardFrame HDMI Matrix simplifies HD video connectivity using 1 CAT6 cable. The HD4xSTPMX is a multi-format matrix switch that extends 1080p, 4x2k ultra HD, 3D video and Advanced bitstream multichannel audio formats 200ft on 1 single CAT 6 cable.

The HD4xSTPMX also extends IR, RS-232 controls and PoE power thus simplifying installations while delivering high quality uncompressed 1080P HD video and audio. The CAT 6 outputs and attached Zone Receivers automatically enters Power Save mode when the attached display is turned OFF for optimal power conservation.

Utilizes Power over Ethernet , PoE, to directly power the connected HDSTP-70-RX receiver thus allowing clean and compact installations.



  • 4 HDMI inputs.
  • Up to 8 outputs.
  • Configurable and upgradeable. Choose from 1- 8 ouputs. Upgrade to more outputs as needed ( up to 8)
  • 3D, 1080P, and 4K resolutions supported
  • Distributes HD Video, Audio, IR, RS-232 and power over single CAT6 cables up to 200ft (60m).
  • Non-blocking Matrix – view Any Source on Any Display
  • Power over Ethernet, PoE, provides power to Zone Receiver unit
  • IR Control of the matrix via front panel sensor and from each Receiver location
  • Bi-Directional IR Send IR from display side to source side OR vice versa
  • Wideband IR 20-60 KHz circuitry for maximum IR remote compatibility.
  • RS-232 extension and forwarding for controlling display device.
  • EDID Management plus custom EDID via USB
  • Front Panel Control
  • Ability to save and recall presets– allows users to Store and Quickly recall favorite Input/Output configurations.
  • IP Control via web server interface and Telnet
  • Field-upgradeable firmware via USB
  • CAT 6 outputs and attached Zone Receivers enter Auto Power Save mode when display turned OFF.

Application Diagram    
HDBASET_Matrix_HD4xSTPMX_banner.jpg HDMI_Matrix_HDbaseT_over_1_cable_200ft_HD4xSTPMX_application.png


Choose number of outputs you currently need for your system. Upgrade to more outputs as needed ( up to 8)



HD Matrix: Model HD4xSTPMX


Zone Receiver: Model HD70STP-RX


IR Receiver and Emitter Cables.(included)

HD4xSTPMX -EU (EU adapter)
HD4xSTPMX-UK (UK adapter)
HDMI Inputs

RJ45 Outputs

8 Maximum. User configured by installing 1 to 8 output cards. Up to 8 Zones

Link Distance RJ45 Outputs

200ft (60m) , CAT6 or CAT7 cable recommended.

HDMI Outputs

1 (mirrors Zone A Card Frame output)

Digital Audio Outputs

1 (mirrors Zone A Card Frame output)

Video Resolution

1080P (60/50/24) , 720p(60/50), 1080i (60/50)

All current 3D consumer formats plus 4K.

Uncompressed high definition (HD) video: 1080p@60Hz@36 bits 1080p@60Hz@48 bits, 3D, 4K x 2K up to a distance of 40m/150ft

Power over Ethernet ( PoE)

Power the Zone Receivers via your CAT 6 cables.

IR Control

IR control of the Matrix, x4 Sources (Routed) plus an AVR from Zone receivers.

Infrared Bandwidth

Wideband IR 20-60 KHz circuitry for maximum IR remote compatibility using Octava supplied IR cables.


Control the Matrix using serial commands or 3rd party control software.

Serial Commands can also be routed to the connected Zone receivers via your

CAT6 cables to control your HD Displays.


USB port provided for Firmware updates, customization and for service.

LAN /IP Port

LAN port provided for Firmware updates, and control.


Front Panel buttons, Serial Port, LAN Port, or IR Remote Control.

EDID Management

5 common EDID selections provided. Customized EDID also available and can be downloaded to matrix using USB or LAN port.

Favorites Recall

Up to 4 user configured Input/output Front Panel Pre-sets.


Matrix (2RU): 18.9 x 10.94 x 3.47 in - 48.0 x 27.8 x 8.82cm (WxDxH)

Receiver : 3.19 x 4.53 x 1.13 in - 8.1 x 11.5 x 2.9cm (WxDxH)

19” Rack Mounts

Integrated. Removable.

Power Supply

1 x 9VDC (Matrix) and 1 x 48VDC (Zone Receivers) included

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